Nobody wants to make their road test any harder than it already is, but is there such a thing as an “easy” place to pass your test? Are some test legal nandrolone decanoate for sale in usa centres automatically harder to impress than others?

Although we’d like to think all test centres are equal, it’s true that the failure rates of Ontario test centres can vary wildly.

If you’re a little bit worried about your test, and nervous when getting behind the wheel, you might be tempted to look for the easiest place to pass and book your test there.

But how do you find out where that is?

Ask around

It’s likely that many of your friends have already taken their test and these are the best people to ask first.

When I was at college, there were many stories doing the rounds about which were the easiest test centres, and conversely, which ones were an absolute nightmare.

The horror stories for one test centre were terrifying.

For one thing, the roads…