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Why book with Ontario Road Test instead of the usual associations?

We provide a different sort of service. When you book through your instructor or through DriveTest you won’t be able to make use of those canceled test spaces that others might have missed. If you are ready to sit your test today, but need to wait six months before your date rolls along, then you need our services and we will happily find you a closer day to get you on the road.

Can I take my test on a Saturday?

Yes, if you book your road test at Brampton Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Oakville, Ottawa Walkley, Toronto Etobicoke and Toronto Port Union, you might get a test on a Saturday. Not all centers are open seven days so be wary when exploring options.
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I passed but I still haven’t received my license yet..?

If you have passed your test but haven’t had your license in the post then you can visit your local center to extend your learners permit. There is a small chance your license has been lost in the mail, so call the distribution center and ensure that you have given the correct address. You can also make changes to an existing license (such as a change of address) by visiting this page.

How quickly can I book my Driving test with Ontario Road Test?

We aim to have you booked in within the date period you have specified – much quicker than your average company. It is important that you give us all of the information regarding preferred test dates when you sign up; but there is no guarantee that you date will be possible. For this reason we ask you to give as many dates as possible. The chances of you getting your earliest date depend on how busy the DriveTest center is during those periods.

Should I own a Driver’s Handbook?

Yes, you will need it. You can pick one up from any Drive Test Center or from the license issuing authority. Since this is 2018, however, you can also download your free copy by following this link.

I have had my Ontario license lost or stolen, what next?
You can apply for a replacement by following this link. You can also apply for an enhanced driving license should you visit this site.
Why do you charge an administration fee?
We provide an alternative choice of services for our customers, some of which require a small administration fee. This fee also covers your use of our Road Test Cancellation Finder, the option of changing and/or canceling dates and any other specialty service you may require.
What if I need to change or cancel my road test date?
Please refer to Our Terms & Conditions Page.
Do I get a refund?
Please refer to Our Terms & Conditions Page.
Why did I not get the date I requested?
We ask that you provide as much information as possible as to when you are both available and unavailable to take your test. This will help to ensure that we provide a test date that is suitable for you. All dates are subject to availability and there is no guarantee that you will receive the test date you have requested. This can be due to test centres being fully booked because of very high demand or if your driver license is expiring soon. Please note that test centres have different opening times and some do not open at weekends.
What is the average wait for a test date?
The average wait for a test is between 5 days to 25 days depending on the test centre.
Is there any guarantee that I will get the Road Test Appointment I want?
We ask that you provide a range of dates when you are available so that we can book a suitable time for you. We also ask that you provide dates and times that you are unavailable so that we ensure that we don’t book your test on a day that doesn’t work with you. We cannot guarantee that you will get the test date that you request as there can be a very high demand at test centres. Also you may not receive the requested date if your driver license is expiring soon. Please note that some test centres do not open at weekends and your test date and time will be subject to the opening hours of the selected test centre.
What are the chances of getting an earlier Road Test Appointment?
We have a Road Test Cancellation Finder Service that checks for appointments everyday. The chances of getting the earlier date requested will depend on the demand at the selected test centre. When an earlier date becomes available we will change your test date and email you to confirm your new test details.
How can I refund road test fee G1 Exit or G2 Exit?
Please refer to Our Terms & Conditions Page.
If I fail a road test, how long do I need to wait and do I need to pay the Road Test fee again?
When you fail a road test, you will have to wait 10 days before another attempt. When you re-book the next road test, you must pay a road test fee before booking.