How hard is the g1/m1 test?

Sep 05,2018 0

The Written Test

The G1 and M1 written tests are both very similar. There are a few exceptions due to the size and nature of motorcycles and cars being different, however the questions are very similar overall.
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The questions are split into two main categories, road rules and road signs.

Furthermore, most of these questions are based on common sense, meaning if you take a moment to think about it, you will undoubtedly know the answer.

The best way to revise for the test is to get the official driver or motorcycle handbook. Once you have your hands on it, it’s best to read through it at least twice to get the information to soak in.

Depending on how you soak up knowledge, it might be worth reading it more, and focus attention on the aspects of driving that you feel would be most challenging.

It is also worth going online and looking for practice tests that you can take because they will often be similar to the questions that you may…